png environmental, inc.

Litigation Services

A founding goal of limiting our staff size to a core of experienced environmental professionals has allowed PNG to build a solid practice in the expert witness/litigation support arena. Starting with expert evaluation and oversight of cleanup activities in Oregon and Southern Washington, our practice has grown to include sites throughout the western U.S. Typical tasks in these litigation projects include:

Review of incurred and claimed cleanup costs
Independent development of past and future site investigation and cleanup costs (based on PNG's hands-on experience)
Regulatory analyses related to agency mandates
Defining the extent of a cleanup through application of applicable standards and development of risk-based site-specific standards to affected media
Research of historic site practices including extensive historical aerial photography analyses
Environmental forensics such as source identification, timing of releases, and determining the fate of chemicals
Evaluation of NRDA damages
Development of allocation and contribution positions

For these environmental projects, PNG routinely manages technical discovery, performs expert evaluation of other consultant investigation and cleanup efforts, and develops independent remediation scenarios and costs based on applicable federal and state standards and guidance. We often are able to apply practical, risk-based analyses to existing site data and develop alternative remedial schemes. PNG has extensive experience with preparation of deposition outlines, declarations and interrogatories, mediation materials, and trial exhibits. The foundation for our testimony in mediation and trial is built on the active investigation and cleanup work our staff has been conducting for over 25 years.